Göttingen, Germany, November 2015

"Magnificent Celebration of Sound - The Fine Arts Quartet Guests at the Aula in Göttingen  

The work [Arriaga Quartet No.3] was presented with seriousness and passion, majesty and tempestuousness  - with the highest standard of musical perfection.  One can clearly see that the gentlemen on stage have already performed together for a number of years. And thus, a perfect sound could arise, combined with an incredibly precise and synchronized dynamics...And also here [in the Ravel Quartet], the Göttinger audience experienced a magnificent display of sound: both the lyrically delicate passages and the dramatic climaxes were presented with great empathy for the composition. The complex time signature changes in the last movement sounded playful and natural."

(Jens Wortmann, Kulturbüro Göttingen, November 16, 2015)

The Fine Arts Quartet Thrills with Schumann, Ravel and Arriaga at the Aula of the University

The guests from the USA prepared...an enlightening program whose impact was all the more assured because its execution was in masterful hands…They displayed seriousness and dedication in [Arriaga's Quartet No.3], a stroke of genius, and brought elegance and esprit to it with beautiful unity…

In the Fine Arts Quartet's brilliant interpretation [of Ravel Quartet], every accent and every impulse had its place, tone colors were very finely set, and crescendos were well calculated to produce goose bumps...The musicians made Schumann's music flourish in poetic, rhythmic succinctness, interspersed with singing cantilenas which showcased the music's emphasis and furor; a ravishing performance which the delighted audience greeted with several minutes of applause." 

(Matthias Körber, Göttinger Tageblatt, 17 November 2015)