Dvorak Quartet Op.96, Shostakovich Quartet No.1, Turina La Oracion del Torero

"Here is an ensemble that plays 'from the inside'. This is to say the listerner doesn't hear four voices...but one voice at once possessing a range from the high soprano down to the bass. (Some of the greatest quartet playing of this kind came from the old Curtis Quartet). The Fine Arts quartet performs Dvorak's American Quartet with the right combination of humor and sentiment, and the more intricate, serious Shostakovich with appropriate sensitivity and thought. This is really a great record." 
(Adrienne Kingsley, The New Records,  v.53, no.4 - March, 1986) 

"This quartet has played everywhere and is one of the busiest and most in demand...They are excellent, their style and presentation is perfect. They impress you, not as a quartet, not as virtuosi, but simply with the impact of the music and their understanding of it." 
(Audio Magazine, October, 1986)