Mozart String Quintets K.515 & 516

"Two Mozart masterpieces in the string quintet medium expertly realized by a veteran ensemble thoroughly devoted to the genre. The Fine Arts Quartet, now celebrating its 65th anniversary, remains one of the most distinguished ensembles in chamber music today...The two Mozart quintets inscribed by the Fine Arts Quartet and viola player J. Dupouy date from 1986...The playing of the Fine Arts Quartet at the St. Barnabas Church, London strikes us especially alert...The consummate skill of the composer and the fervor of his interpreters could hardly be improved upon."(Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition, September 4, 2014). Full review

"These performances came as delightful, provocative surprises...I learned to love these works all over again which is worth much more than the price of admission. I am afraid to ask for more, because I fear they cannot do it again; their readings sounded that good."  

(Rawson, American Record Guide, November/December, 1990) 

"Seldom have artists offered performances of such quality and consistency in a multiple issue. The Mozart Quintets and Debussy/Ravel pairing are as good as any in the catalogue...K515 and K516 are splendid readings, alert, elegantly played, volatile but not rushed...The elegant...This is a disc I much enjoy on repeated listening and recommend highly." (James Forrest, The Strad, November 1989)

"Ici encore, le Fine Arts Quartet - auquel s'intègre parfaitement l'alto chaleureux de Jean Dupouy - fait montre de sa maîtrise technique, de sa musicalité, de sa rigueur." (Odile Martin, Compact, mars 1988)